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When you hear Ali McManus’s dynamic vocals, you’d be surprised to know her lung capacity is only 30%. Born 3 months premature and weighing 2lbs 7oz at birth, she was given a 50/50 chance to live. Now 26 years old, the Detroit born singer/songwriter has beaten the odds. A rare bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta also known as OI left Ali in a wheelchair since the age of 7. It took until 2019 to finally find out what she had! She never thought they would diagnose her! 

But Ali’s story is one of compelling talent and an indomitable spirit. Legendary producer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper) produced Ali’s debut album. “I see her as an artist first. Her pure, authentic voice and magnetic personality light up the room,” he says. “She’s a natural — a true artist with old soul sensibility and a powerful message to share with the world.”

While Ali has endured 11 surgeries, halo tractions, steel rods to fuse and straighten her spine, a full-body cast, and more, she tells us, “I don’t see myself as a person in a wheelchair. I see myself as a regular person who just happens to sit down all day.”

Ali writes intimate original songs that reflect her life, aiming to connect with others through her lyrics and inspire with her story. Highly acclaimed by the national press, Ali’s vocals are often compared to Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton.

Ali’s potent musical talent and personal story inspired rock star Steven Tyler to appear in her exuberant new music video, Roll This Way, her personal tribute to Walk This Way. Roll This Way is an anthem that embraces inclusion and diversity, inspiring people of all backgrounds to live life without limits.

In her “bonus career” as a Motivational Speaker, Ali shows us how to “Be Unbreakable.” She delivers her universal message of resilience and positivity to schools, charities, trade groups, and business executives.

A generous artist who believes in giving back, Ali donates her time and talent to perform for children and charitable organizations. She’s honored to be a performer and Youth Ambassador for Shriners Hospitals for Children, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the Dick Wagner “Remember the Child” Memorial Fund, the T.J. Martell Foundation, Janie’s Fund, and more.

Awards & Honors:


Ali has been nominated for FIVE Detroit Music Awards: 

Outstanding Americana Artist

Outstanding Americana Songwriter

Outstanding Americana Vocalist

Outstanding Americana Recording: Unbreakable

Outstanding Video Limited Budget: Roll This Way

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